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[14 Aug 2013|07:09pm]
Looking at the same scenery
I hold you close to my heart
Our friendship will stay just like this
No matter how many years go by

NAME: Tsukino Usagi
NICKNAMES: Usagi-chan, Usa-chan, Usako (Only by Mamoru)
AGE | DOB: 18 / June 30th

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Together with Mamo-chan ♥
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
LOCATION: Azabu-Juuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo


Usagi was born into a loving family. They were a stereotypical one with a housewife, father who works, and two kids but they were anything but typical. Ikuko, her mother, spoiled and doted on Usagi since she was a baby and it sort of worked against her eventually. Usagi grew up into a crybaby and wouldn't take very much responsibility on. Ikuko tried to spoil her second child Shingo less but to no avail as he just gets into childish fights with Usagi all the time but Ikuko thinks her kids are good kids and everything will be okay. Usagi's mother can be really harsh on her, especially when it came to poor grades but she wouldn't want to be anyone else's kid.

Usagi is close to her dad Kenji even though he treats her like she's 5 years old all the time. He's often away on assignment because reporters are always away on assignment or so her mother told her. Usagi sometimes resented Kenji not being there all the time like other kid's dads but Ikuko always told her made up stories of the heroic feats her dad was achieving while he was overseas and elsewhere in the country. It eased her resentment while she was little so she bears no ill will towards her dad as an older teenager now.

Shingo, Usagi's little brother, always teased her for being stupid, ugly and fat. Usagi could hold her own in their little fights but Ikuko always yelled at her first which annoyed her. Still, her brother wasn't always a snot-nosed brat. He was nice to her most of the time even though they had wildly different personalities.

senshi abilities
The moon's a merry-go-round
Making her cool pearl dress flutter

While she's Eternal Sailor Moon, Usagi can use the Eternal Tier scepter to perform to cleansing attacks: Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss, and Silver Moon Crystal Power Therapy Kiss.

Also has the use of the Ginzuishou which is controlled by her inner strength, emotions and the purity of her heart which makes it the most powerful object with few equals. Its full power is dangerous to Usagi because it requires the sacrifice of her own life to use it.

Offer your prayers up to the moon
and someday it will surely bring you happiness

Usagi is an extremely happy person, nothing really gets her down even when she's getting bad grades or being lectured by her mama, she just looks on the bright side. And even if she's ever sad about anything, she relies on her video game hobbies or friends to put her back on track. Being loyal and bringing joy to her friends' lives is pretty important because in Usagi's eyes life is meant to enjoyed and serious stuff can wait.

Since Usagi has an immature view on troublesome things, she's kind of flaky and is always late, stubborn and sometimes completely absent from her responsibilities (i.e. work). She can be very immature about things, and constantly whines or cries when things don't go her way. She can be mature about things if she tries really hard but most of the time that doesn't happen.


‹‹Usagi has a stuffed black cat named Luna that she received from Mamoru as an 18th birthday gift.

‹‹Wears a teardrop shaped crystal around her neck that her mother found hidden in a crevice in the house when she was young.

‹‹Hates carrots despite her namesake.

‹‹Dreams of being a bride even though her papa has forbid her to marry any time soon but she really admires her mama's hard work at home and wants to be like her.

‹‹Likes to work just enough to afford junk food and the arcade.

I will be what it is I want to be

Usagi was born to her parents Kenji and Ikuko Tsukino and lived a normal life for the most part. She was really spoiled and enjoyed being a single child until Shingo was born. From the moment Shingo was born, he has been a source of contention with Usagi. Of course she loves him, he's her little brother. He's just such a major brat and now he gets all the attention from her parents so she's a little sensitive to his teasing.

School was easy in the social sense for her because she had always been friendly since she was a child. Her best friend growing up and for a long while was Naru. Naru pretended to lecture her on her grades but it was all in good fun. They usually hung out after school either at the arcade, cafe, or Naru's mom's jewelry shop. They were really close until Usagi met Minako after graduation. She met the younger teen by chance, and by chance it means she ran her scooter into the girl while she was rushing to work at the near by grocery store. After Usagi finished panicking and accompanied Minako to the hospital, they started chatting about this and that and because instant friends. Usagi feels closest to Minako of all her friends because of their similar bubbly personalities.

After she met Minako, she met a few other girls her age as well. Ami, Makoto, and Rei were all really different people from her but she loved their friendships just as much as Minako's and introduced them all to each other. After all, friends should be friends with each other in Usagi's eyes. She was also dating Mamoru Chiba, they had been going out since she was in a first year in high school and they were really close. Usagi hates that Mamoru has gone off to America while she's stuck here but he did give her a heart shaped ring before he took off on a plane. Her parents are a bit concerned with how fast they seem to be moving, especially her dad but her mom just chalks it up to young love and forgets about it most of the time.

Usagi isn't good at being an adult now. She is a freeter, or a person who has a bunch of low-paying part-time jobs with no desire to find a full-time or get anywhere in life. Usagi has quit a number of jobs, whining that they were unfair to her. (Really, she was just asked to do something she didn't want to.) After the last incident, she promised her mother she would -try- to stay employed at least 1 year at the convenience store in the neighborhood but that doesn't really go well when she shows up late every day and some days she doesn't show up at all because she's skipping out to follow Minako to university classes, or shopping, or being lazy in general. Usagi knows she has to grow up eventually and be serious but that isn't right now.

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